So, here we go! This is the public development blog of the game “Time of Silence 2” for the Commodore 64. I am right now in the process of finding people to help me with the development and plan to post updates at least every couple of weeks here. The usual stuff: ambitious plans, how they get destroyed over time and what is the meagre result that we converge to in some time far, far in the future. Right now I do not really have a clue, when the game will be finished, but I am convinced it will be somewhen in 2016 (note to self: do not forget to update this year according to the schedule slip)! Expect to find previews, concept drawings, background stories and reports about the great fun the team is going to have figuring out how to fix the mess that I have left from “Time of Silence 1”.

I hope the next things to report here is how the team will be built up. I am looking forward to some interesting new team members! Until then I will write some internal documentation and might start planning the level editor, that is urgently needed (I am really sick of hacking in hundreds of lines of hex numbers, as I did for the first game).

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    1. I have already been using CharPad for the map and tile creation. But there is a lot more level data, that is so specific to the game engine that there is no generic editor that could cover that…

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